The Challenge

Body Boost Men is an ecommerce website from New York based online retailer, Basq Skin Care. This was the company's first move into male skincare products as they've primarily marketed these products to females up to this point on their other website.

The main product on Body Boost Men would be marketed to body builders and the challenge was to develop this website so it could appeal to this niche market segment. If the design and messaging didn't resonate with these customers, then they would decide to spend their money elsewhere. Making sure we nailed these elements when we launched the website would be crucial to the success of the business.

The Solution

Before the site was developed, we spent time researching successful websites in this space in order to gain a better understanding of how to appeal to this vertical market. After we completed this phase, a style guide was created that gave us a roadmap for design decisions in regards to the color palette, typography, buttons, etc.

Based on our research, we decided it was best to give the site a clean yet masculine design. This was accomplished by  a stark palette, bold typography and removing unnecessary elements that could potentially clutter the page. Each image used was carefully considered so it would fit into our design scheme.