marketing solutions


Since our agency began, we've provided our clients with logos, banners, style guides and other marketing assets that help define their respective brands. We've also been diligent about adhering to good on-site SEO practices like adding descriptive keywords and descriptions to each page along with using sitemaps to help search engines crawl our clients' sites. However, there were limits to what we could do if, for example, a client wanted to get more traffic to their website.

All this has changed. We now offer Marketing Solutions through our network of vetted specialists! If you're on our maintenance plan named the 'Pro Plan', you don't have to seek an outside party for your digital marketing needs. NSJ Design will manage your Marketing Solutions project as an extension of your maintenance plan contract.

To be clear, our Marketing Solutions service is a maintenance plan addon for our clients who need to drive traffic to their websites. As an agency, we receive discounted prices from our contractors which, minus a small service fee for our time, we pass on to our clients. This is our way of saying 'thank you' for letting us maintain your website!

Some web agencies claim to do everything well from building fantastic websites to running amazing Google AdWords campaigns, but no company can be great at everything. We know our core strengths and we bring in specialists for the things we need help with because we think our clients deserve something better than just OK. Bottomline - your website's marketing campaign will get better results when you're using specialists.


After you subscribe to our Pro Plan, we'll discuss your marketing goals, budget and any other pertinent information you want to share with us. Based on our discussions, we'll present you with a package that includes one or more of the following options:

  • Google AdWords Campaign: You will be assigned a dedicated PPC manager to research keywords and manage your campaign.
  • SEO Content Writing: Google loves websites with new content. We'll source out skilled writers for your industry that will post articles to your blog and social media.
  • Email Campaigns: A dedicated email marketing specialist will build you an automated campaign to manage the entire customer sales cycle from lead generation to follow ups.
  • Lead Generation Pages: This is a service NSJ Design provides directly in conjunction with a Google AdWords specialist to make your AdWords campaign more effective by increasing the conversion rate.
  • Link building: One of the best ways to improve your organic SEO is by having a knowledgeable specialist increase the number of good quality backlinks to your website.
  • Website Speed Optimization: This is another service NSJ Design provides directly. The faster your website, the higher your site will appear in search results.


  • NSJ Design doesn't set the rates for our specialists; prices will vary depending on the specialist assigned to your project.
  • We have contracts with all of our specialists to lock in special rates. While you may work closely with your specialist, your contract is with NSJ Design. This means you pay NSJ Design for theses services and then we pay your specialists, not you.
  • We vet all of our contractors by checking references, reviewing work samples and, many times, trying them out on a test project.
  • You should notify us immediately if you're experiencing any problems with the specialist assigned to your project so we can address the issue with them directly. If the problem can't be resolved, we can connect you with a different specialist to take over your project.