The Challenge

Improv is a well-known brand from the famous comedy club and, subsequently, the online traffic school bearing its logo. However, Improv Safety was a new venture for the company and, unlike its consumer-driven traffic school courses, Improv Safety uses a B2B business model to sell safety training products.

When NSJ Design was approached by Improv, the Improv Safety site was already built and suffering from multiple problems. For example, the most important products were hidden away inside of the navigation so customers couldn't easily find what they're looking for. Also, the slideshow slides lacked calls to action to facilitate the company's conversion goals. And, perhaps worst of all, the homepage links were taking users to unrelated pages which provided a bad user experience.

The Solution

The solution to developing a site that provides a better user experience required a multi-pronged approach. Most of our changes were in the header section, the homepage and the footer section of the website.

In the header section, the navigation was completely redesigned to, among other things, put the most important items at the top level to increase visibility. In this case, the company's most important products are its "microlearning" safety training tools, so that ended up as a parent menu item. On the homepage, we fixed some display issues on mobile and created new slideshow slides with call to action buttons that encourage the customer to take some action. Finally, all the homepage links were updated to take the user to an appropriate page they would expect to land on.